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Capoeira Argola de Ouro Singapore

Aluno Graduado Galo
I Made Verdy Bhawanta, known as Galo De Ouro was born in Bali, Indonesia on 17 June 1980. A martial art artist who started Capoeira in the year of 2000, he is known for having started Capoeira in Jakarta with his brother Yoga Jabuti in the year of 2002. Since then he has never stopped practicing Capoeira.

In the year of 2004, he founded Negaca Capoeira, a small Capoeira community in Jakarta. He has helped develop and promote Capoeira in Indonesia by conducting classes, both public and private, demonstrations, performances, and has also done interviews for newspapers, magazines, radio shows, TV shows and appeared in commercials.

Last February 2008, he received his Aluno Graduado belt from Mestre Ousado, founder of the 1st Association of Capoeira in Singapore and South East Asia. He now trains with the Grupo Argola De Ouro, as Mestre Ousado’s student.

Capoeira Experience
Galo De Ouro has performed on many promotional events for Gudang Garam Surya Pro cigarette, the launching of Toyota Forturner, Honda Vario, Yamaha Mio, Yamaha vixion, and others.

TV Commercials
2007 Red Bull (Kratingdaeng) energy drink-Parkour version
2006 X mild cigarette-fire blower
2005 Hemaviton energy drinks-Capoeira version
2005 Gudang Garam Surya Pro cigarette-Capoeira version

Music Videos
2007 The Drive video clips
2002 Siti Nurhaliza video clips
2004 Indonesian Idol video clips
2002 Tofu video clips

2009 Action director in Skak mat movies
2008 Fighting coreograph In Sang Dewi movies
2005 Action director of independent movie The Battle
2004 Co-director for TV series Wewe Gombel
2003 Stunt Coordinator for several TV series
2002 Stuntman for local tv series The Legend of Koopingho
Aluno Graduado Galo
Aluno Graduado Galo